Terracotta Vessels by Imogen Higgins

Terracotta Vessels by Imogen Higgins

Imogen Higgins has created a series of three sculptural ceramic pieces based on Welsh bronze age axe heads discovered in Caerau and Ely. She saw these, along with other amazing finds that are stored in the archives of National Museum Wales, during a visit with students from the Cardiff University Live Local Learn Local Hidden Histories and Untold Treasures: Exploring Ely and Caerau Through Time course.

These three vessels were each thrown on a wheel and then modelled afterwards using a coiling method to create the ridge near the base and the three vertical ribs along its face. These ribs are an important decorative element in many of the bronze axes produced in this period (900-850BC).

“My aim when making the series was to take inspiration from the bronze age axes and interpret some of their characteristics into clay rather than setting out to make an exact replica. I have really enjoyed this process and plan to use some of the design aspects learnt from this CAER Studio project in future artworks.”

Imogen Higgins

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