CAER BC: The CAER Broadcasting Company

CAER Studio will dovetail with the creation of a multi-channel broadcasting network, designed to promote the work of the collective, challenge negative stereotypes and project a positive, vibrant representation of the creative communities of Caerau and Ely and their outstanding heritage.

Targeting the general public of South Wales, CAER BC will co-ordinate an internet-based and social media PR campaign for the project duration, working in partnership with local resident film maker and CAER Heritage Project volunteer Vivian Thomas and drawing on support and guidance from Cardiff University’s flagship Community Journalism project.

Instigated by a series of interactive community based art and writing workshops, CAER BC will explore the potential for beautiful, meaningful and powerful relationships between heritage and contemporary creativity through art, writing, film and music: in a variety of innovative and interconnected formats including a dedicated YouTube channel, social media broadcasts, a large-scale projection and a temporary newspaper. CBC will consist of three ‘channels’ based around the theme of ‘Made in Caerau & Ely’ – a community of ‘makers’ viewed from a rich variety of historical/contemporary perspectives.