Vivian Paul Thomas

Vivian Paul Thomas has documented the work of ACE and the CAER Heritage Project since 2012. Photo © Vivian Paul Thomas. 

I am an experienced film cameraman and director of photography. BBC trained, I have extensive industry experience. I have worked on numerous BAFTA Award winning productions including: Dr Who, Torchwood, Songs of Praise and Welsh Language TV. Since 2012 I have offered my professional experience from the creative industries, and my broad ranging media skills, to the CAER Heritage Project and ACE in order to help document and support their valuable work within my home community. Recently I have been working with Paul Evans, lead artist on the CAER Studio project to develop CAER BC, the project’s new broadcasting channel, helping to shape content, delivery and devise an effective promotional strategy via traditional and online media. I am also a photographic artist, bringing a unique and personal vision to the creation and capture of striking images of heritage through inventive lighting. In my spare time I enjoy making music – I am learning the piano and experimenting with sounds using Apple Logic and other audio related studio packages.


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