Paul Evans: CAER Studio lead artist/artistic director

CAER Studio lead artist Paul Evans adds detail to the Barry Island ‘sandfort’.

I think the best way to describe my artistic practice is in terms of hats – I wear different hats depending on the work that I’m currently doing. The main hat that I wear for CAER Studio is my ‘socially-engaged practice’ hat. This is what I wear for community-based projects and when I’m working with universities to encourage public engagement with cutting-edge research through art. I’ve been wearing this hat for the CAER Heritage Project since 2012 and it’s become my favourite piece of head-wear – it’s very comfortable and it fits me perfectly! One of the reasons that I love it so much is that throughout the 6 years that I have been working on this project it has helped me come into contact with such amazing, talented, dedicated and hard-working people – it’s been a life changing and immensely rewarding experience to have been part of the CAER Heritage community. I also have another hat that I love to wear which is my ‘studio practice’ hat – I wear this when I am working alone in my studio on my landscape and abstract paintings, some of which have won prizes and appeared in prestigious publications. When not wearing hats I enjoy surfing and bouldering (climbing on little bits of beautifully shaped rock), listening to music and looking at art.

PK Evans