Imogen Higgins


As an artist I am predominantly inspired by nature. I use natural materials and processes as a means to rekindle connections between human beings and the wider natural world. Beginning my creative journey as a ceramicist, I became fascinated by the idea that I could resource my own clay from the ground beneath my feet. Since then I have developed my skills in other areas such as willow weaving and green woodworking, and now I am able to create art purely from natural sources. I have a passion for sharing creative experiences with others, which is why I am currently working as a community artist. Over the past three years I have been completely absorbed in participatory artwork. I have been involved with large-scale community generated festivals where giant lanterns light up the sky and I have also led weekly workshops with regular participants tailoring activities to the individual’s needs. I have also delivered lectures and passed on practical skills in the use of sustainable building materials to university students. During my spare time I enjoy wild water swimming and rock climbing.