Becci Holmes


I graduated with a degree in fine art in 2008 where I specialised in printmaking. I have been working with schools and communities for 8 years using a variety of techniques and media including sculpture using willow, mono printing, dry point, linocut, paper mache, clay work, recycled craft and textiles such as weaving and fabric printing. I’ve worked with various community groups in Cardiff, making costumes and art works for performances and carnival parades – making sets, large backpacks and head dresses. I also run my own business In Rainbows where I sell my handmade items online. In the Ely and Caerau community I have worked with the Breaking the Mould project at Our Place Dusty Forge and at Ty Greenfarm. During my spare time I love travelling, walking locally, baking cakes, crochet/weaving and macrame.