The Wandsworth Shield, Iron Age Shield boss, La Tène style, circa 2nd Century BC, British Museum.


A fun competition that the whole family can get involved in!

We need a striking and effective logo to show the world how much we LOVE our Hillfort! Our Love Our Hillfort logo needs to be designed around a strong and easy to recognise emblem that we can use across all media to promote our work, help us stand out – and be noticed!

We need YOUR creativity and ideas to help us! All entries will be placed into a competition for a personal 2 hour VIP guided tour of Caerau Hillfort with a chance to meet the project’s archaeologists and artists, experience unique archaeological finds hands-on and find out about our plans for the future with FREE cake, tea & coffee!   

When designing your logo think about:

A) Visibility: Is it easy to recognise? Will the logo work at a small size and be visible at a distance?

B) Meaningfulness: does the logo say (communicate) something positive about Caerau Hillfort?

Think about the origins of famous and easy to recognise logos e.g.

… The McDonalds logo references the golden arches from the 1950s restaurant building – joined to make an M …

… The Nike logo is a ‘swoosh’ – indicating speed …

… The Apple logo represents Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree etc.

C) Style! Is it cool? Does the logo look good, has it got … class?

For inspiration either:

A) Visit Caerau Hillfort!

B) Check out the CAER Heritage Project: Learning pages on our website …

C) Watch one of our amazing films: e.g. CAER HEDZ and lots more from our archives

D) Pick up a Hidden Hillfort leaflet from Our Place Dusty Forge, 460 Cowbridge Rd W, Cardiff CF5 5BZ … or download the CAER Colouring Book which features some great designs developed with our partner schools …

E) Check out Iron Age Celtic Art on Wikipedia – the picture of the shield above is a great example.

Please send sketches to Kimberleyj@aceplace.org – mark your e-mail ‘Love Our Hillfort’.

The chosen sketch will be digitally recreated by our professional graphic designer.

We will be sharing images of the best sketches over the next few weeks via social media:

Twitter: @CAERHeritage

Instagram: #caerheritagehiddenhillfort

Facebook: CAER Studio @CAERBC

NB Competition closing date now extended to October 31st 2019. Competition entries will be judged on the basis of the three criteria outlined above by a panel of local residents and CAER Heritage project artists/representatives.

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