The History Path

The History Path Mural (detail) Trelai Youth Centre, Ely, Cardiff. Photo © Vivian Paul Thomas

You don’t know history until it’s gone …

Sue Hamblin

In Summer 2018 CAER Studio was approached by Cardiff City Council to record the ‘History Path’ mural created in 2007 by young people from Trelai Youth Centre and Cardiff-based graffiti collective Illustrate Project. Initally the idea was simply to capture a photographic record of the mural which, at the time, was threatened with being lost beneath a new coat of paint!

The mural has now been safely documented – to his usual exceptional standards – by local fimmaker/photographer Viv Thomas, but discussions amongst the CAER Studio team suggested that something new, creative, and powerful could be brought into existence using the mural as inspiration.

So we approached local poet Sue Hamblin and were absolutely delighted when she accepted our commision to write a poem about the mural. We then asked Viv Thomas to film Sue performing the poem, which he did in the Community Garden at Our Place, Dusty Forge – this wonderful film can be seen via the YouTube link below.

We’ll leave you with some thoughts by Hidden Hillfort Director Dave Wyatt, written a few days ago, at the close of 2019’s community dig:

As this year’s dig comes to a close, here is an amazing performance by local poet Sue Hamlin of a poem she penned about the history mural at Trelai Youth Centre (pictured). But it’s about much more, it’s about the awesome community spirit of Ely and Caerau, the talented young people and incredibly rich heritage… lovingly filmed by the ever mighty Viv… please watch, enjoy and share!

The YouTube link is here

Sue Hamblin reading her poem ‘The History Path’ at the launch of the HLF CAER Heritage Hidden Project, July 2019. Photo © Vivian Paul Thomas

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