The CAER Art Prize

Work in progress for the CAER Art Prize

CAER Studio artist Nicola Parsons and ACE CAER Development Officer Kimberley Jones have been helping students from Cardiff West Community High (CWCH) to create a variety of amazing new artworks based on the heritage of Caerau and Ely.

The young people have worked with drawing media, paint and clay during three intensive workshops held at CWCH, creating drawings, paintings and 3D work based on themes from the Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman, Medieval Periods – alongside more contemporary ideas of what the word ‘heritage’ might mean.

The winners will be awarded artist’s quality materials to the value of the following:

1st prize worth £100
2nd prize worth £50
3rd prize worth £50

+ runners-up prizes

We are delighted by the progress that the young people are making towards their entries into the CAER Art Prize – many thanks to Ann Hudson and the students at CWCH for all their hard work.

The artworks will have been be completed by 25th June and there are plans to exhibit the winning entries at Our Place Dusty Forge during the summer.

We will be posting the winning entries soon – please watch this space!

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