Terracotta Pendants

Terracotta pendants by CAER Studio. Photo © Nicola Parsons 2018 .

Based on a theme of Iron Age surface decoration that has developed from CAER Studio research at Cardiff University by the artist Nicola Parsons, these pendants have been hand made in terracotta and decorated using tools and implements (including shells and wooden implements) that would have been available thousands of years ago. The pendants have then been double fired and coated with linseed oil – a surface treatment that may have been in use during the Iron Age.

Each pendant has been individually created at Caerau Gospel Hall – Community Heritage Centre by CAER Studio artists and visitors to the CAER Heritage open day events.

A selection of these pendants will be available to purchase from our web site in coming weeks. All proceeds from sales will be donated to help support the work of ACE.

Following the success of the award-winning Caer Heritage Project, CAER Studio is a one year AHRC funded project that will lead to the development of a series of creatively co-produced art objects and craft items inspired by the history and heritage of the community of Caerau and Ely in South West Cardiff. Local people will have the chance to get involved in a range of artistic activities, inspired by the knowledge and artefacts gained from archaeological excavations at Caerau Hillfort. The CAER Collective, a cohort of local artists, will hold workshops and events over 2018 at which residents can come along and get creative, while developing new skills and learning more about the history of their community.


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