FRESH thoughts for the SPRING season …

A lively discussion about the CAER Studio spring product range.

Following the success of the award-winning Caer Heritage Project, CAER Studio is a one year AHRC funded project that will lead to the development of a series of creatively co-produced art objects and craft items inspired by the history and heritage of the community of Caerau and Ely in South West Cardiff. Local people will have the chance to get involved in a range of artistic activities, inspired by the knowledge and artefacts gained from archaeological excavations at Caerau Hillfort. The CAER Collective, a cohort of local artists, will hold workshops and events over 2018 at which residents can come along and get creative, while developing new skills and learning more about the history of their community.

On 15th January the CAER Studio team of artists Imogen Higgins,  Becci Holmes (see also In Rainbows), Nicola Parsons, Dylan Sutton and lead artist Paul Evans met up with Breaking the Mould coordinator Becky Matyus, Action for Caerau and Ely (ACE) Development Manager Dave Horton and Dave Wyatt, director of the CAER Heritage Project for another intensive afternoon of creative thought and brainstorming …

We began by looking into the future and setting some personal and collective goals for the project – imagining what we would like people to be saying about CAER Studio in a year’s time. We’ll be able to use these goals as benchmarks throughout the year to map our progress and make sure that we’re on target!

We then spent a productive hour making sketches and discussing ideas based around the   following questions:

What does the word ‘spring’ mean?
What images ‘spring’ to mind …
What does ‘Easter’ mean?
What might ‘spring’ (or any ceremonies relating to new growth/rebirth) have meant to the original inhabitants of the Caerau hill fort?

We thought of how we might create spring or Easter related craft/art/edible products in:

A unique edition (single work of art)
An edition/range of 5
An edition/range of  10

Three core ideas have emerged (sprung?) from this workshop:

A) The idea of ‘time travelling’ eggs that might contain seeds from Iron Age plants, historical facts (e.g. it was the Romans who introduced the Easter Bunny to the British Isles after their invasion in AD 43) or memories that can be shared between generations.

B) A set of heritage themed playing cards that will be used as the basis for 3D physical objects relating to images on the cards.

C) CNC cut egg-shaped boards, decorated with easter motifs and hinged in the form of a book.

We’ll be posting again soon with updates on the development of these ideas and any others that might develop between now and Easter.

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