First meeting: CAER Studio artists at The Hidden Hillfort creative co-production workshop …

Hidden Hillfort creative co-production workshop at Our Place: Dusty Forge

The historical first meeting of CAER Studio artists … reblogged from the CAER Heritage Project website …

On Friday 13th November 2017 four artists from the ACE Breaking the Mould: Hands On Art At Our Place project met up with members of the management team of the new HLF funded Hidden Hillfort project, and CAER Heritage Project artist Paul Evans for a day of intensive creative co-production.

Based around a series of exercises devised by Paul to put everyone at ease and to create a comfortable atmosphere for a free exchange of ideas, the day was amazingly productive and generated over 150 ideas for heritage interpretation that will feed into the development of the new centre that will be sited in the former Gospel Hall, Church road Caerau.

Of course 150 ideas is a lot to fit into one relatively small place so everyone’s suggestions were then subjected to some practical reasoning and trimmed down and organised around four key themes of Materials, Storytelling, Community & Co-production, Inside and Outside (i.e. how we might bring the hill fort into the heritage centre – and how we might bring ideas from the heritage centre up onto the hill).

The team also found time to discuss ideas for a heritage themed event will take place at the former Gospel Hall sometime around Christmas. There will be more news about this soon so keep your eyes on our Facebook Page, on Twitter – and WATCH THIS SPACE!

We would like to thank everyone who took part on the day and contributed so much of their time, energy and creative thought: artists Imogen Higgins,  Becci Holmes (see also In Rainbows), Nicola Parsons, and Dylan Sutton, Breaking the Mould coordinator Becky Matyus, members of the Hidden Hillfort project team – Dave Horton (ACE) Kimberley Jones (ACE), Dave Wyatt (Cardiff University), Oliver Davis (Cardiff University) – and CAER Heritage Project artist Paul Evans.

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